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* 2018 Winter workouts: I will be holding workouts for Wednesday 6 PM class on 2/28 and the Saturday 8 AM class on 3/3. Stay tuned to this homepage for further info on any indoor workouts past 3/3. 

 * My Book, 96 Days is finally out. Go to the iTunes Store to download your copy:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/96-days/id1234344476?mt=11  Hey, it’s 500 pages for a mere 5 bucks!  

* I finished American Dirt in late June. This fall I’m going to begin to revamp the website to reflect the finish and to begin adding all the GPS information of the route. Go to my American Dirt website if you’d like to read my complete blog updates from 2015 thru 2017. An IBook will follow up in about a year. So many have asked me….What’s next? Well, there’s dirt all over this amazing planet, and I plan to visit more of it in other countries! 

 *  Click on the trailer above to discover what American Dirt actually is, and click on the logo below to go to the AD website.  


AD-linear dirty copy