Multi-Media Presentations 

I'm available for speaking engagements for your: corporation, school, civic group, church group, small business and running/cycling/multi-sport clubs. These audio-visual presentations blend my stunning 35-mm photography and HD video with music and motivational talk. There is no fee for any one of these one-hour presentations, though donations are greatly appreciated to cover travel costs. I can provide the audio-video gear if need be.

Don't see a topic for your group? I will also tailor a sports, training, adventure or photography presentation to fit the precise needs of your group or organization. Just give me a call at 330-655-9350 to work out the specifics. 


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        American Dirt 2015

After 3 solo trans-continental crossings under my belt i am  attemtping to to do a supported ride across the United States and ride as much as possible on dirt and gravel surfaces - a trip that up to this date, has never been attempted let alone accomplished. This is largely a self-financed journey of epic proportions with respect to the logistics, the equipment, the time, and the effort. I'll take you through my failed 2012 attempt - the good times, the bad times...and the terrible times that we encountered on this 3700-mile ride across the backroads of America. And I'll show you what I'm currently doing what with two years of recon work In prep for my final 2015 attempt. This presentation uses an extensive amount of helmet-cam HD video  in addition to the still photography. 


98 Days 

In The Summer of 2009  myself and my partner Ryan cycled 6270 miles on mountain bikes across the entirety of Canada. We rode along the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, across the snow covered peaks of the Canadian Rockies, through the Great Plains of Albert, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, up along the northern coastline of the Great Lakes, and through the Canadian Maritimes of the Atlantic coast all the way to St. John's, Newfoundland. This is a fun and entertaining presentation that will not only have you laughing at our quirky views and perspectives about our life on the road, but it will also inspire you to set goals, persevere, and take risks in life.

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So you want to ride across the country?  

A nuts and bolts presentation on the hows, whats, wheres and whens of doing a cross-country ride. I explain the whole training process, the options with which a rider/s can choose - supported or non-supported - and what kinds of bikes and gear are needed for a Trans-American crossing. Within this primer on Trans-Am riding I'll show you my 2010 4012-mile solo trip and my 2011 3700-mile solo trip across the United States, and draw from those experiences.  In 2010 I started the journey high up in the north country of the Eastern US at Houlton, Maine and ended the trip fifty-five days later  at Puget Sound in Everett, Washington. My 2011 trip entailed a more southerly route that started in Washington, DC, and ended on the coast of Oregon. Each trip and route had its own peculiar set of logistical issues to deal with, the largest of which was weather patterns. And conversely, each trip was similar in that they both were about perseverance and solitude as I battled the notorious westerly headwinds day after day, and rode hours on end alone with only the road and the endless landscapes of the Great Plains to keep me company. 

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Across the roof of the world 

Is a presentation covering my numerous wilderness backpacking trips along or above the Arctic Circle. I'll take you across the Cumberland Peninsula on Baffin Island, through the mountains of  Southern Greenland, across the Arctic barrens of the island of Svalbard, and through the interior of Iceland.  The Arctic Circle is a unique area of the world, a land of jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and spectacular fjords. It's a place where in the summer months the sun circles endlessly all night long, where exquisite wildflowers bloom defiantly beside broad glaciers, and where ice caps and glaciers rise above dramatic peaks. You'll experience several of the world's most famous backpacking treks.  

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The Highs and Lows of Arizona 

Join me for a backpacking trip more than a mile down into the Arizona's magnificent Grand Canyon, and then up to the state's highest peak, Mount Humphreys. The trip begins with our hike down the the 6-mile long Kaibab Trail to the Colorado River. It is steep - dropping close to 5,000 feet in 6.3 miles. This trail hooks up with the Kaibab Suspension Bridge en route to the Phantom Ranch and the Bright Angel Campground where we spent the night. We'll return to the top of the South Rim via the 6.5-mile Bright Angle Trail. The next day we trek up Arizona's highest peak - Mt. Humphreys. Humphreys is Arizona’s premier high-altitude hiking experience. This is not an easy hike by any standards, but when you make it to the top  you are standing on the state’s highest peak and are rewarded with a 360° panoramic view that is unparalleled anywhere in Arizona. This is an incredible hiking experience, but it's a long, steep hike that consists of over 4.7 miles of often rough and rocky terrain and 3,333 feet of elevation gain to reach the summit. And once above tree line you can expect cold and windy conditions. Level ground is a rarity on this trail, and the higher you go the thinner the air and the harder it is to breathe. 

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Around the World in Sports 

This presentation is a copilation of my 10 years as an freelance photographer/writer for several sporting magazines. I'll take you across the US where I covered some of the nation's biggest running and triathlon races. Then we'll go to Hawaii, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, and Down Under to take a look at some of the sporting world's more "off the beaten track" events like the Raid Gauloises, Finland's Jukola 1000-mile running relay, Finland-Russia's Karjalay Kierros 800-mile running relay, and the Zofingen Duathlon World Championship in Switzerland.  

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World Adventures with the Camera 

This presentation consists of my photo excursions  to some of the world's most far flung places, where my aim was to make the camera as integral to the journey as was my mode of locomotion. We'll trek the wild trails of Newfoundland and scale the lofty Alps of Central Norway on foot, cycle around the cold, rainy and windswept island of Iceland, backpack the lonely Arctic deserts of Svalbard and canyoneer and backpack the magnificent desert southwest of the United States.


The Evolution of Adventure

This one-hour presentation is geared towards grade-school and high-school students. What I do is present a brief history of how it was that I became involved in my current occupation: professional photographer, adventure seeker and coach. My aim is to show the students how goal setting, believing in yourself and how, with the guidance of key people in your life, you can attain whatever you strive to do. The theme here is a classic case of "follow your dreams." This is probably my favorite presentation of the bunch, and I just love the Q&A after the sound and the projector go off when I'm able to interact with the kids.  


Intro to Running: Training & Technique 

A presentation that is geared towards novice runners and runner wanna-be's. I'll discuss shoe choices, running apparel, training with a HR monitor and developing your HR zones. I'll also talk about basic periodization models that a new runner would use for the season, and we'll go over the very important concept of run technique and the necessary drills that I use to help a runner improve his/her form and economy.  



Intro to Cyciing: Training &           Technique

Again, a presentation that is geared towards novice to intermediate cyclists.  I'll discuss selecting a bike based on use, bike fit, and  choices with respect to cycling apparel - helmet, shoes and clothing.  We'll talk about training with a HR monitor and developing your HR zones, in addition to   a discussion on the basic periodization models for greenhorn cyclists. Finally, I'll enlighten you with a hands on session detailing form, cadence and technique - this by my riding a bike on the windtrainer during the presentation. I'll also demo the necessary exercises that I use to help cyclists improve their  form and economy, and I'll how show you first hand how to ride a bike safely with some skills drills.  

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