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Black Forest Mountain Biking by Pete Gladden

Tucked away in the Northcentral mountains of Pennsylvania is the magical Black Forest. Here lie hundreds of miles of quiet one-lane gravel fire roads that criss-cross the mountains and valleys like a giant tangle of spiderweb. This is home to some of the finest recreational mountain bike riding in the Eastern United States. Black Forest Mountain Biking is the consummate cycling guide to this area. It features a comprehensive introduction, the most current information on roads, tracks, food and lodging, mileage breakdowns for pre-designed routes, and entertaining riding descriptions. Whether you are a seasoned dirt pro or a newcomer to mountain biking, this guide is a must.         Single copies: $20.00

Indoor Cycling Cover

Excel In Cycling: Seven Seasons of Winter Indoor Workouts  by Pete Gladden

We're all so fixated on time with respect to our training, and it's obvious that all cyclists need to train smart to make themselves stronger. But there are limits as to how much time we actually have to invest in the whole training process. That's where learning how to become a proficient cyclist gains importance. And that's what this book is all about. Excel in Cycling is a text composed of seven years worth of workout programs based on cycling economy, efficiency, form and technique. I'll give you a quick synopsis of all the the drills employed in the training regimes in this book, followed by seven year's worth of training programs that are broken up by ability levels. So no matter what season or ability level you choose - there's a methodology behind it.   Single copies: $16.00

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